Today In Ireland


Ireland is a land of generous, welcoming people; ever changing beauty; and amazing stories. Join me - an American now living here - as I share many of stories of people, places and things!

Today in Ireland is, in a nutshell, Susan Baughman - an ExPat from Towson, Maryland and Austin, Texas - and her new husband John Layden - a Yorkshireman and ex-teacher of Latin and Ancient Greek - now living in the beauty of County Kerry in southwest Ireland. We offer "Photos - Tours - Memories" of Ireland. (Tours with a Texas twang!)  Whether you're planning a trip to Ireland, and need information (or a guide!); or whether you just dream of a tour of Ireland, and need a photo for inspiration on your wall – we can help you!

Looking for photography tours, hill walking tours, cycling tours, food tours - we can help!  Why not sip on prosecco and enjoy raw oysters on a beach along the Wild Atlantic Way? Or get up before the big Irish breakfast and enjoy a sunrise coming over the mountains with a local photographer? Or take a tour of a farm that raises sheep, cows and alpacas - those are photos your friends won't be able to match!


In four years, I've explored lots of nooks and crannies that most tourists never dream about! Let me help you have those same kinds of experiences..... 


The most important tip I can give you on your trip to Ireland, is this: SLOW DOWN!  Most people I meet are rushing rushing rushing.... if you want as many miles as you can put on the car in one week - move on to another website. If you want to have an experience of a lifetime, give me a call or an email. Let's talk!