No matter how often I tell people I'm Irish -- sometimes waving my Irish passport at them -- I'm always going to be: a blow in.  I'm Susan Baughman. I grew up a Yankee and only became Irish when I acquired Irish citizenship based on my maternal grandparents being born here in the 1890's.  Yes, Irish blood has coursed through my veins since birth! So like it or not -- I AM IRISH!


I took my first photograph for money back in 1984 - and I've been freelancing ever since! 


I live in Waterville, on the world-famous Ring of Kerry.  The Kerry Way walking trail and The EuroVelo #1 cycle route both go right in front of my house. I love wandering, exploring, learning, photographing --  on foot, bicycle or car..... Join me as I travel the length and breadth of Ireland, eating, drinking, talking to strangers and having fun!


Whether it's kayaking on local waterways, climbing a mountain to get a perfect photograph, taking photographs of another family's vacation, helping an Irish entrepreneur kick of their marketing, or eating my way through the fabulous Irish restaurants - join me as I share what I see, hear and learn in this beautiful country!

I hope you'll enjoy what I discover, and in just a matter of time you'll be standing here in Ireland, sending a postcard home to your friends, that starts with the line: 

Today, in Ireland, I ......